Curing Oven – Clean Class 100

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Industrial Curing Ovens are used by thermal processing specialists to improve the strength and durability of a material by applying heat to accelerate a desirable chemical reaction.

Usage: semiconductor packaging program segment, for resin curing

Max. working temperature 360°C, clean class 100.

Oxygen concentration less than 50ppm.

Program operation function, auto / manual mode.

Fast temperature rising and cooling, and air cooling or air cooling + water cooling are available for cooling method.

Equipped with auto lock, digital pressure gauge, digital flowmeter, etc.

Equipped with safety devices of auto overheat protector, overheat protector, abnormal N2 pressure, abnormal N2 flow, over-current earth leakage circuit breaker, etc.

  • - semiconductor packaging program segment, for resin curing
Technical specifications
Operating temperature range
Room temp. 30~360°C
Temperature adjustment accuracy
±4.0°C (at 360°C)
Temperature rising time
15min°C (Room temp.→360°C)
Temperature cooling time
60min (360°C→50°C)
Clean class
100 (at constant temp.)
HEPA filter
Dust collection efficiency: 0.3um particle more than 99.97%
Operation function
Fixed temp., program operation
N2 introduction device, water cooling device, differential pressure gauge, etc.
Internal dimension (WxDxH) - single chamber
660 mm x 660 mm x 500 mm
Power source
3 phase AC380V 6A
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