Water Chiller – Large Capacity, Standard Type

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Industrial Water Chillers are used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms and machinery in a variety of industries. A water chiller removes heat from the process water and transfers it to air via a heat exchange process.

Usage: Cutting blade cooling of semiconductor packaging

Significantly prolong life span of expensive cutting blade.

Effective capacity of main water tank is 375L.

Auto control of water inflow, supply, circulation and drainage.

Equipped with exhaust fan which vents heat outside of the unit.

Equipped with beacon, emergency stop switch, etc.

Equipped with safety water level detection device, overheating protection of chiller, delayed start for chiller protection, over-current earth leakage circuit breaker, etc.

  • - Cutting blade cooling of semiconductor packaging
Technical specifications
Operating temperature range
4~22°C (internal recycling)
Temperature adjustment accuracy
±1°C (at fluid temp. 7°C)
Temperature display unit
Chiller refrigerant
Air cooling 2.2KW R407C
Circulating pump
Submerged multistage centrifugal pump
Circulating capacity
Max. flow (pump capacity): 24L/min(40L/min)
Max. lift (pump capacity): 30m(50m)
Water tank material
Water tank effective capacity
External dimension (WxDxH)
900mm x 1400mm x 1700mm
Power source
3 phase AC380V 6A