Vortex Mixer

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Low profile design and highly touch sensitive sensor reduce wrist stresses when pushing and holding experiment tools resulting in less fatigue and less unpleasant feeling.

  • Well-balanced design and optimized safety features.
  • Low-profile with small footprint ideal for use on lab benches and within fume hoods or clean benches.
  • On touch operation mode, real-time and dynamic mixing made even with gentle touch.
    – Every point of the top surface is highly reactive to gentle touch due to widely built in sensitive sensors.
  • Selective mixing modes with variable speed control knob.
    – VM-96A: Touch / Continuous / High-continuous.
    – VM-96T: Touch / Continuous.
  • Built-in LED lamps in case of VM-96A for easy recognition of the mixing mode selected.
  • Sparkless BLDC motor adopted for safety, quick acceleration, and low maintenance.
  • Built-in safety features against overload and over current.
  • Chemically resistant polypropylene molded exterior.
  • Wide range of accessories available.
Technical Specifications
Model VM-96A VM-96T
Speed range (rpm) Max. 3000
Speed control Scale
Operating mode Touch / Continuous / High-continuous Touch / Continuous
Motion Orbital
Orbit size (mm, inch, dia.) 4 / 0.16
Max. load (kg / lbs) 0.5 / 1.1
Motor rating input / output (W) 12 / 6
Material Platform Silicone
Body Polypropylene
Motor type BLDC (Brushless Direct Current)
Dimensions Platform (WxD) (mm / inch) 76x76 / 3x3
Exterior 1) (W×D×H) (mm / inch) 154×210×84 / 6.1x8.3x3.3 148x159x77 / 5.8x6.3x3
Net weight (kg / lbs) 3 / 6.6 2.6 / 5.7
Protection class (DIN EN 60529) IP 42 -
Electrical requirements AC 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
Cat. No. KR plug AAH360215K Persian blue Orange
AAH361215BK AAH361215RK
US plug AAH360215U Persian blue Orange
AAH361215BU AAH361215RU

※ Permissible environmental conditions: temperature (5-40℃) and relative humidity (up to 80%)
※ Protection class according to DIN EN 60529: Waterproof, dust production index based on the test level.
※ RoHS except for VM-T.
1) Exterior dimension without accessories.