Viscometer bath 115V

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Test Methods:
ASTM D445 Standard Test Method for the determination of kinematic viscosity
ISO3104 Petroleum products – determination of kinematic viscosity
IP 71 Part 1 Kinematic Viscosity

Easy to Use The TCB-7 bath is very easy to operate. Using the touch pad on the control unit, the set-point is keyed in. The set-point can be programmed and calibrated to two decimal places. Thermometer holder for precision thermometer is built in. Safety features include a  low liquid level switch, an upper temperature limit warning, a low temperature limit warning and a high temperature cut-out device. Excellent Visibility The bath construction affords full visibility of up to 7 viscometers, which can be placed in the bath simultaneously. Built in cooling coil The TCB-7 bath can be used from 15 to 150°C, and is supplied with a built in cooling coil. Operation at temperatures from 15ºC to 40ºC  require an external source of chilling. This is provided by a cool liquid, which is passed though the cooling coil.  A low cost recirculating chiller is available from PSL to provide the cooling required. The PSL Rheotek TLC-250 Chiller is specially designed for operating with the TCB-7MkII bath. Stability Certificate All TCB-7 baths are supplied with a certificate of  temperature stability and uniformity. Excellent circulation technology provides superior uniformity. Bath Specifications:

Temperature Range+20 to* to +150°C
Bath Volume40l
No. of Positions7

* external refrigeration required for 20,25 & 30°C set points

Part No.Ordering Information
20402-2PSL TCB-7 Viscometer bath (115V/60Hz)
20402-2/BLPSL TCB-7 Viscometer bath with integrated back light (115V/60Hz)
RP00024Refrigerated circulator (115V/60Hz)
20425External background illuminator
1612/01Calibrated Stop Watch
20430Viscometer Bench Stand
  • - Calibration to 0.02ºC
  • - 7 Viscometer positions
  • - Small footprint
  • - Thermometer holder built in
  • - Cooling coil built in
  • - Stainless steel casing
  • - Splash proof keypad
  • - Range up to 150ºC