Solarbox E Plus

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Xenon test instruments designed and manufactured to conform to international and industry standard test methods, including ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS and numerous others. Many useful accessories to tailor your SOLARBOX towards your application needs.

Equipped with a 7 ”color display with touch-screen which makes easy the use and programming of the equipment as it shows all the program parameters simultaneously on the display. By means of the touch-screen it facilitates the insertion of the values via an alphanumeric QWERTY keypad.
It is possible to set cycles with a number of phases up to 99, with free sequence.
The available phases are DRY and WET (FLOODING or SPRAY).
The following parameters can be viewed and controlled:
– RH
– Air temperature.
Each parameter can be constant or with a transition ramp time.
The SOLARBOX E Plus is equipped with an expandable 16 GB memory, which allows you to store an innumerable amount of programs and reports and any future upgrade. It is possible to calibrate all the parameters of the SOLARBOX E PLUS without the use of additional software.
With the SolarboxLAN software it is possible to control the machine remotely via the LAN port. Furthermore you can create and edit programs and download reports in Excel format on the PC.