Solarbox 1500E – 3000E

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SOLARBOX 1500 E: tabletop enhanced model small dimension chamber with LCD display and 1500 Watt Xenon lamp, irradiance control, BST temperature control and flooding option to simulate rain and moisture.

SOLARBOX 1500E enhanced models are additionally equipped with microprocessor control of irradiance, heat and flooding cycles, monitoring and controlling the test process:

  • Microprocessor controls for programming thetest parameters
  • LCD with 4 lines to display the test parametersand program menus
  • Control and monitoring of irradiance and blackpanel temperature
  • Optional measurement and display oftemperature and relative humidity in the testchamber
  • Free programming, up to 15 different testprograms, input via keyboard
  • Link-up with programmable flooding systemaccessories.