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High-Speed Lab Mixer is a device that can agitate materials without using agitator blades and deaerate simultaneously. As a result, it is possible to uniformly agitate even high-viscosity materials in a very short time.

400 ml x 2 cups

90 different revolution-rotation speed patterns are available by varying the ratio of revolution and rotation.

A high function model for covering from research and development to small-scale production.

Advanced functions added to the basic model equipped with the individual revolution and rotation speed control system.

This model is equipped with a function allowing the speeds of revolution and rotation to be set separately. By using 2 cups with a 400 ml capacity and weighing a maximum of 350 grams※, up to 700 grams of material can be mixed and degassed.

A new high speed mode and a separation prevention mode which sustain separation of materials with different specific gravities (such as powder materials and liquids) have been added, providing advanced functions in addition to the basic functions.

* The maximum weight depends on the properties of the material. This weight includes containers and adapters.

  • - Battery manufacturers
  • - Electronic parts manufacturers
  • - Adhesive manufacturers
  • - Pigment and high functional material manufacturers
  • - Ceramic industry
  • - Defense and aerospace industry
  • - Cosmetic industry
  • - Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • - Dental industry
Technical specifications
Cup size
400ml × 2, Maximum 350g (Gross Weight)
Other containers
Multiple containers and syringes can be used by using an adapter.
Speed of revolution
Settable in 9 steps
Speed of revolution Settable in 10 steps
Time of setting
10-300 sec. × 5 steps

Step mode
Continuous operation with 5 different operation patterns (condition settings)
Memory channels
90 User settable channels
10 Fixed data channels
Power supply voltage
Single Phase AC200V-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption
About 1,380W

External dimensions (WxDxH)
400 x 482 x 495 mm

Approx. 50kg