Ozone test chamber

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Related standards of ozone resistant aging equipment for testing the rubber and products are JISK6259, ASTM1149, ISO1431, GB/T7762, GB/T13642and the like; and it is tool kit of anti-oxidation test.

Reference Standards
GB/T7762-2003 Ozone and Crack-free Static Tensile Test Standard

Technical specifications
Model QL-150-40
Volume(L) 262
Performance parameter Temperature range 25℃~+65℃
Humidity range <60%rh
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity <2℃
Temperature deviation ±2℃
Humidity uniformity +2% -3% R.H
Heating and cooling rate 0.7-1.0℃ /min
Ozone concentration 50~500PPhm(40℃)
Clamp stretch rate 5%~45%(it is customized according to the demands of users)
Rotary speed of sample frame 1r/min(Continuously viable)
Internal sizes W500×H600×D500
Temperature and humidity regulating mode Balance temperature regulation (humidity regulation)mode
Temperature environment 5℃ ~+35℃
Structure Clamp liner structure, mesh air outlet, air retuming at the two sides, reduce air speed, put in the sample in the liner to improve the uniformity
Material Science Shell Double-sideelectrolysis steel plate SECC and surface spraying plastics
Inner shell SUS304/2B(fog surface)stainless steel plate
Thermal insulation Hard polyurethane foam+ultra-fine glass fiber
Regulator Heater Nicochrome fin heating wire heater
Humidifier Stainless steel armored heater(basin humidifying)
Fan Centrifugal fan
Refrigerating fluid Mechanical compressor
Refrigerating fluid R404a
Refrigerating mode Mechanical compression refrigeration
Controller Display Above 7.0 inch, TFT color LCD display
Operation mode Program operation, fixed value operation
Setting mode Chinese and English menu, inqut by touch screen
Program capacity Number of editable program: 99 maximum; cycle number.99 maximum
Setting range Temperaure: adjust according to the temperature range of the equipment (upper limit: +5℃; lower limit: -5℃); humidity: 0%RH-100%RH(humidity and temperature test equipment)
Display resolution Temperature: 0.01℃; time: 0.1min;humidity; 0.1%RH(temperature and humidity test equipment)
Input Thermal resistance and thermocouple
Communication function RS-485/232 interface with local and remote communication function, monitoring software, RS-485/RS-232 convertor, one COM interface and one USB interface occupying PC computer; connect 16 sets of equipment at most; and the maximum accumulated length of the cable is 800M
Control mode Anti-integration saturation PID
Curve recording function RAM with battery protection: it can save the setting value, sampling value and sampling time of equipment; and the maximum recording time is 350 days(when the sampling period is 1.5min)
USB function It is equipped with one U-disk and software disk special for PC computer(applicable for complex Chinese, English WINDOWS operation system); the test program is compiled by PC special software and saved in U-disk; and then the test program is tuned out from the U-disk and saved in the controller; or the program in the controller is saved in U-disk and then it is saved in PC machine to be analyzed and managed.The test curve data saved in the controller can be saved in U-disk.The test data/curve is directly printed and displayed by PC special software; or the recorded data is converted to Accedd data file read by Microsoft Office.The test curve data recorded by the recorder is as follows: two-circuit temperature-setting temperature and actual temperature; two-circuit humidity-setting humidity and actual humidity(if the equipment has humidity function); record the time.
Auxiliary function Fault alarm and reason, treatment prompt function, power failure protection function, and upper and lower temperature limit protection; calendar timing function(automatic starting or automatic stopping); self-diagnostic function
Water supply Water supply mode Lifting by water pump
Water storage tank Drawer water tank(self-control)
Water quality Resistance rate≥ 500Ω m
Power AC 380V(±10%)V 50HZ Three-phase four-wire+protection ground wire  AC220V / AC110V 60HZ
Standard configuration One 360mm*440mm of electric heating anti-condensation hollow glass observation window, one left and right wire hole; two sample racks; floodlight, time accumulator(internal), one powre cable(6m long), one sample control terminal, one RS-485/232 interface, one USB interface and one U-disk.
Safety device Refrigerating system: over-voltage of compressor, over-heating of compressor, over-current of compressor motor, water supply and under-voltage of cooling water .
Humidifying system(QL moder): dry burning of heating tube, abnormal water supply and abnormal water drainage .
Test chamber: over-temperature protection, temperature fuse wire, over-heating of fan and motor: phase sequence of total power and lacking protection, leakage protection and load short circuit protection.