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The UV MULTIMETER is a battery operated radiometer and thermometer, specially designed for use with the SOLARBOX to monitor all test parameters, but it can control the output of any UV Lamp in many industrial applications.

It is portable and together with its case, can easily be returned to the manufacturer (CO.FO.ME.GRA) for recertification of calibration according to an official certification laboratory OPTO-CALL.

The UV MULTIMETER measures either irradiance or temperature using with different wavelength sensitivies the following easily interchangeable cosine response sensor:

  • UV 295 – 400 NM large band sensor
  • UV 340 NM narrow band sensor
  • UV 366 NM narrow band sensor
  • UV 420 NM narrow band sensor
  • Illuminance sensor spectral response similar C.I.E. photopic luminosity curve. Measuring range up to 2 MEGALUX.
  • Black Standard Temperature sensor.