Model ZX-101SQ

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The ZX-101SQ provides portable fuel analysis for government departments, laboratories, pipelines, research facilities, terminals, repair shops, fuel cleaner service providers and more. 45 Second Analysis with lab accuracy for RON, MON, R+M/2, ethanol percentage, diesel cetane Index and number, and biodiesel percentage. The ZX-101SQ comes with a large, easy to read color display, 100 sample memory, completely solid-state optics, and a military-spec carrying case.

Technical Specifications
Sample Size 200mL with 75mm pathlength
Sample Holder Reusable glass with chemical seal cover
Sample Preparation None required
Sample destruction/loss None
Standard Calibrations Gasoline - RON, MON, (R+M)/2 Ethanol Blended Gasoline - RON, MON, (R+M)/2, Ethanol %
Optional Calibrations Diesel - Cetane Index, Number Biodiesel - Biodiesel %
Output Full color display, built in printer
Data Transfer USB
Measurement Time Under 1 minute
Number of Calibrations Up to 10
Data Storage 100 Samples
Dimensions 4.7" x 13.5" x 2.2" (12cm x 33cm x 5cm)
Weight 3 ,bs. (less than 2 kg)
Power AC or 6 AA batteries
Power consumption 750 ma
Measurement Mode Diffuse Transmittance
Spectral Range 16 filters covering 810 to 1045 nm
Optical Range 0 to 6 AU
Resolution 0.00001 AU
Stability 0.05 Mili-AU
Durability Solid-State. No lightbulbs or movable parts
Traceability CFR Engine or other fuel lab standards
Octane Equivalent ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700
Diesel equivalent ASTM D613, ASTM D976
Research Octane Number Accuracy ±0.45
Motor Octane Number Accuracy ±0.40
Octane Accuracy ±0.425
Ethanol Percentage Accuracy Less than ±1.0
Cetane Number Accuracy ±1.5
Cetane Index Accuracy ±0.50
Optional Accessories
One Year Extended Warranty
Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Additional AC Adapter
Additional USB Cable
Additional Printer Paper (10 Rolls)
Additional Sample Holder, Single
Additional Sample Holders, Box of 12
Additional Lids for Sample Holders (12)
Additional Labels for Sample Holders (12)
Aluminum Sample Carrying Case with 12 Additional Sample Holders