Model ULDF 710

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Temperature Range: -60°C to -86°C

  • Realized in steel epoxy coated outside and stainless steel inside
  • 5 models with capacities from 120 to 710 litres
  • Solid doors realized with the same insulation and material as the structure and
  • Security key locking
  • PRO2 control
  • Internal fitting with stainless steel shelves and inner-doors
  • Temperature until -86°C


Micro-processor operating*
Digital display*
Display resolution0,5°C
Temperature indication °F/°C*
LED alpha-numerical display*(4 character)
Indicator LED of Functioning Status*
Back up battery with automatic recharge*
Soft-touch buttons*
Keyboard locking protection*(automatic)
ON/OFF switch password protected*(programmable)
Visual and acoustic alarm signaling for:
High/low temperature*(programmable)
Door ajar (acoustic with delay)*(programmable)
Power failure*
Anti Freezing evaporator*
Sensors failure*
Condenser dirty*
Battery discharged*
Deforest time-out*
Acoustic alarm with muting facilities and automatic ring-back*(programmable)
High and low temperature alarm limits adjustable*
Test facilities*
High and low temperature alarm limits test facilities*
PT 1000 Sensor*
Temperature Calibration Facilities*
NO/NC contact*
Control Parameter CO2 backup system pre-arrangement*
USB port*