Model SK-400TR

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New Technology (Changeable rotation function) equipped model!
Mixing force 1.5 times, Degassing Force 1.4 times evolution!

Changeable Rotation Function!

To keep rotation direction is as usual, new function which revolving direction is changeable either clockwise or anti-clockwise for revolution.
Under vacuum pressure, it may change material property, however it enables to achieve high precision degassing even atmospheric pressure condition.

Drastically increased revolving speed of rotation!

To keep centrifugal force of revolution, it enables to achieve setting which revolving speed pf rotation can be surpassed to revolving speed of revolution.
Mixing force is drastically enhanced, thus it can correspond to various materials case.

Technical specifications
Container size: 400ml x 2 cups, Gross weight 350g (container included)
Revolving speed: Opposite direction on revolution and rotation: Revolution speed 300-1400 rpm Rotation speed 0-2000 rpm
Same direction on revolution and rotation: Revolution speed 300-1400 rpm Rotation speed 0-1400 rpm
Revolution setting: 9 Steps
Rotation setting: 10 Steps (There is limitation for rotation speed)
Setting time: 10-300 sec.
Step mode: 1-5 steps
Memory Channel: Fixed CH 10CH
Condition setting Channel: User settable CH 90 CH
Power source: Single phase AC 200-240V 50/60Hz
Electric Consumption: About 2.0 kW
Outer dimension: W552 x D650 x H750(mm) (Exclude handle part)
Main unit weight: About 100kg
  • - Mixing of cell culture media
  • - Mixing of various types of biochemical assay fluids
  • - Mixing of beads, solvents and reagents
  • - Optimum for degassing and spinning down prior to inspection
  • - Large quantity screening, etc.
  • - Other PCR (replicated chain reaction) tubes and PCR tube plates
  • - Optimum for mixing and degassing of various types of test tubes