Model SK-2000T

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High-Speed Lab Mixer is a device that can agitate materials without using agitator blades and deaerate simultaneously. As a result, it is possible to uniformly agitate even high-viscosity materials in a very short time.

2000 ml x 2 cups

An order-made mixer compatible with the containers the client currently uses.

Maximum compatible container size: 150 mm diameter x 170 mm height.

Multiple containers can be loaded by using an adapter, and loss of material is reduced by selecting containers according to the production amount.

It enables to have certain throughput without adapters.

Technical specifications
Cup size
1100ml × 2, Maximum 1kg (Gross Weight)
Other containers
Multiple containers and syringes can be used by using an adapter.
Speed of revolution
Settable in 9 steps
Speed of revolution Settable in 10 steps
Time of setting
Maximum 990 seconds (5 Step total) 

Step mode
Continuous operation with 5 different operation patterns (condition settings)
Memory channels
90 User settable channels
10 Fixed data channels
Power supply voltage
Single Phase AC200V-240V 50/60Hz 

Power consumption

External dimensions (WxDxH)
565 x 597 x 741 mm 

Approx. 140kg
  • - Battery manufacturers
  • - Electronic parts manufacturers
  • - Adhesive manufacturers
  • - Pigment and high functional material manufacturers
  • - Ceramic industry
  • - Defense and aerospace industry
  • - Cosmetic industry
  • - Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • - Dental industry