Model PSF-7100L

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A colony counter is a laboratory device used to count colonies of microorganisms (bacteria), that have grown/multiplied on an agar plate prepared from a sample, usually in a Petri dish. Traditionally, the colonies were counted manually, but this method is time consuming and can lead to false results, because of human error. Using the modern automatic colony counters, 10 minutes manual counting could be completed within 5 seconds of automated counting.

For more efficient colony counter operation the special Petri Dish Handler (PDH series) can be used. It is the device, that can automatically transport Petri dishes to the colony counter device achieving high-speed measurement of 100 Petri dishes per hour.

Technical specifications
Model PSF-7100L
Dimensions of main unit W280 × D351 × H630mm
Weight 19Kg
Power Source AC 1φ 100-240V 50/60Hz
System configuration Main Unit only. (PC and Monitor are sold separately)
Operating environment 10-35 °C, 20-80 % humidity
Camera Color CMOS camera
Number of pixels 20MP
Calculated resolution 42µm
Measurement object Viable bacteria Colonies on petri dishes, Petri films, filters, compact dry, film media, Plaques and Inhibition zones *.
Maximum count area ** 152×165mm
Round Petri Dishes up to φ150mmまで
Multi-well plates 6,12,24-wells. Optional software required.
Measurement time 1 to 5 seconds per petri dish. Depends on PC performance and measurement conditions.
Maximum number of colonies 20,000 colonies (settings can be changed)
Light shielding Shading Sliding Door
Top lighting (refiective) Height adjustable ***
Bottom lighting Darkfield and brightfield

* Optional software is required to inhibition zone measurement. This software is standard only in PSF-7100W.

** For square petri dishes, use one that is smaller than the maximum count area.

*** It is possible to change the height position of the top lighting. By this function, the outline of colonies can be clearly photographed.

  • - Water examination
  • - Food and food distribution Industries
  • - Pharmaceutical Industry
  • - Cosmetics manufacturer factory
  • - Quality Control
  • - Public Inspection Organization
  • - Water Works Bureau
  • - Bio-related industries
  • - Universities and Research Institutes
  • - Laboratories and inspection departments of hospitals
  • - Private Analysis Centres
  • - Electronics and Electrical Appliance industries