Model IF 55P

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Thermally insulated portable cooler bag for professional use application: short-term transportation of medical and laboratory samples, reagents, pharmaceuticals, drugs, vaccines, blood bags, insulin, food, catering products, etc.

• Structure: made entirely of gray plastic material, non-deformable (UVA resistant), shock resistant, both inside and outside. All internal corners are rounded to facilitate any cleaning operation.

• Insulation: high density polyurethane foam (40 kg/m³), with a thickness of 35 mm. CFC free. Due to the increased thickness of the heat-insulating layer, the box maintains the internal temperature for a long time.

• Handles: 2 exterior and retractable side-mounted handles that guarantee an easy and comfortable grip and lift of the cooler bag

• Thermally insulated cover: 1 hinged cover, made with the same material and insulation as the rest of the structure. The lid is fitted with a perimeter labyrinth seal for a perfect seal and 2 heavy-duty black ABS lever closure systems with an elastic seal.

• Optional: temperature or temperature/humidity recorder

Technical data

Model: IC 55 P

Net capacity: 55 L

Insulation layer thickness: 35 mm (polyurethane foam)

External dimensions: 57 x 52 x 43 cm

Net weight: 11 kg