Model DCF 390 xPRO

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Temperature Range: -20°C to -45°C
Horizontal Laboratory Freezer LCSDF-390


- Structure: all steel sheet coated with white epoxy (anti-rust) both inside and out

- Insulation: high density foam polyurethane layer (40 kg/cm³), 100 mm thick. Does not contain CFCs.

- Cabinet legs: 4 fixed legs, made of plastic with high stability

- Insulation lid: 1, outside made of white epoxy coated steel and inside made of atoxic plastic material The lid is equipped with hinges (to prevent accidental closing) and perimetric rubber-magnetic spacers (increasing the possibility of a complete closure), with a safety lock

- Control panel: located below the cabinet structure, including digital thermostat with integrated indicator light

+ Digital temperature controller with integrated indicator light: microprocessor operated with 4 switches, allowing control of all cabinet functions (including set temperature, defrost, function compressor and fan capacity) Internal temperature is displayed by an LED display, red, light indicator with an accuracy of 1oC

The thermostat includes audible (via 1 buzzer) and visual (LED indicator) indicator lights for temperature difference, higher or lower than the pre-set temperature (adjustable). correction)

+ The audible alarm can be turned off via a special switch.

- Refrigeration unit: Placed below, including 1 compressor and 1 condenser, cooling the air by fan and a condenser is attached to the back of the cabinet. Insulating foam-covered walls attach evaporator tubes for maximum thermal stability and uniformity

- Defrost: manual

- Refrigerant: CFC and HCFC free

- Cooling: static, in-chamber evaporator for maximum temperature uniformity and stability.

- Temperature range: -40°C /-60°C

- Power supply: 220-230V/1min/50Hz

- Power socket: Type schuko

* Optional accessories

- Temperature chart recorder

- Wooden stand

- Mesh basket

- Set of wheels for cabinet legs