Liquid Viewer

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This Liquid Viewer offers a simple method to detect visible particles in transparent liquids. It is designed according to the European Pharmacopoeia Specification.


  • According to the European Pharmacopoeia Specification <2.9.20>
  • Matt black panel of appropriate size held in a vertical position.
  • Non-glare white panel of appropriate size held in a vertical position next to the black panel.
  • An adjustable lamp-holder fitted with a suitable, shaded, white-light source and with a suitable light diffuser (a viewing illuminator containing two 13 W fluorescent tubes, each 525 mm in length, is suitable).
  • The intensity of illumination at the viewing point is maintained between 2000 lux and 3750 lux. Higher values are preferable for coloured glass and plastic containers.


  • Remove any adherent labels from the container and wash and dry the outside.
  • Gently swirl or invert the container, ensuring that air bubbles are not introduced
  • Observe for about 5 seconds in front of the white panel.
  • Repeat the procedure in front of the black panel.
  • Record the presence of any particles.
Technical Specifications
Manufactured according to EP <2.9.20>
Lamp life time:
4 - 5 years (should be inspected yearly)
Number of Lamps
Dimension (W x H x D):
710 mm X 450 mm X 420mm
8 Kg
Power Supply
240V / 50Hz
IQ / OQ Documents
Installation and operation qualification protocols
PQ Documents
Performance Qualification Protocol (PQ) for Liquid Viewer is available
Light Meter
Light Meter for measuring the Lux (Required for operation qualification and daily operation)
Certificate for Light Meter
Certificate ISO luminous intensity calibration certificate for Light Meter (5 calibration points)
Spare Lamps
Set of 2x lamps