INE Series – Programmable Refrigerated Eco Incubator

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Laboratory Incubator is a heated, insulated box used to grow and maintain microbiological or cell cultures. Lab Incubator maintains optimal temperature, humidity and gaseous content of the atmosphere inside.

INE800 is Programmable Refrigerated Forced Convection Eco Incubator.

Upgraded inverter control improved refrigeration efficiency, reduced frost significantly and minimized wasted power during refrigeration.

44% power savings compared to previous models.

Controller upgraded for easier viewing and operability.

Temperature distribution accuracy improved for better incubation.

Standard equipped with program operation, auto-stop, auto-start, quick auto stop, timer, calibration off-set, memory, and electricity & CO₂ emission monitor.

Designed with Analog Output (4-20mA) and External Communication Port (RS485).

  • - Pharmaceutical Industry
  • - Microbiological Culture Research
  • - Cell Culture Research
  • - Industrial Products
Technical specifications
Forced convection
Operating temperature range
Setting temperature range
Temperature adjustment accuracy
±0.2°C (at 37°C during continuous operation), ±0.5°C (at 37°C cycle operation)
Temperature fluctuation
±0.3°C (at 37°C during continuous operation), ±1.0°C (at 37°C cycle operation)
Temp. distribution accuracy
±0.5°C (at 37°C  during continuous operation)
Temperature gradient
2.0°C (at 37°C during continuous operation)
Max. temperature reaching time
20~60°C  35min.
Min. temperature reaching time
20~0°C    50min.
Cooling Mechanism
Continuous operation, Cycle operation, Cooling-stop operation
Stainless steel
Chromate-free electrogalvanized steel plate Baked chemical resistant finish
Heat insulator
Styrene foam (non-freon)
200W Rotary Unit
Cooling Medium
R134a 350g
Operation range of freezer
Below 40°C
Defrosting mechanism
Hot Gas Bypass Method, Manual (random) Defrost / Auto (time) Defrost
Blower fan
DC Axial flow fan 4-Step, Equipped with Error Signal when stopped
Iron-chrome wire heater : 750W
Double sensor: Platinum resistance temperature detector: Pt100Ω  (temperature controller), K-thermocouple (overheat prevention device)
Cable port
I.D.: 50 mm (right side of main unit)
Temperature controller
PID control by microprocesser
Temperature Display
Setting Temp. Display : 5-digit orange LED digital display / Actual Temp. Display : 4-digit green LED digital display
Timer / timer resolution
0~99hr. 59min. / 1min.
Operation function
Fixed temperature, Auto start, Auto stop, Quick auto stop, Program (99 steps, 99 patterns)
Additional functions
Timer, Calibration off-set, Electricity & CO₂ Emission Monitor,  Voltage Recovery Optional, User Setting saving/readout, Calendar timer  (24 hours)
Safety device
Self diagnostic function (temp. sensor error, heater disconnection, SSR  short-circuit, main relay error, automatic overheat prevention), Key  lock, Overcurrent electric leakage breaker, Overheat prevention device,  Fan malfunction detector, Cooling high-pressure detector, Inverter  malfunction detector
External dimensions WxDxH
710 x 645 x 1730 mm
Internal dimensions WxDxH
600 x 477 x 1000 (effective 800) mm
Internal capacity
Shelf load capacity
15 kg/pc.
Shelf rest step number / pitch
23 steps / 30mm
Power supply (50/60 Hz)
4.5A (no plug, round terminal)
Included accessories
Stainless steel punched metal 5 pcs. shelf / 10 pcs. brackets, 2 keys, silicon stopper for cable hole 1 pc