Heating Block (for Round Flask and Vial)

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A safe solution to replace oil bath and heating mantle when heating the contents over 100°C.

Using with Hotplate

  • The heating block is mounted on a hotplate or hotplate magnetic stirrer to heat safely the contents of the 25ml – 2000ml round flask and vial.
  • Excellent compatibility with various brands of hotplates.
    (flask dia. 135/140, Vial-135/180/150 x 150/180 x 180 (mm)
  • Combination of inserts (optional) allows the use of flasks of various capacities.

Excellent safety standards

  • No risk of burns or noxious fumes due to heated oil that may occur when using an oil bath.
  • Hot spots do not occur even when heated up to 300°C, resulting in excellent temperature accuracy and prevention of damage to glassware.

Use Convenience Features

  • Economical and eco-friendly by eliminating the need to purchase and dispose of oil separately.
  • Since oil is not used, it is easy to clean glassware and the product.
Technical Specifications
Round Flask Heating Block Vial Heating Block
Plate Insert Plate Insert
Model Volume Model Volume Model Volume Model Volume
RBP-100 100 ml RBI-25 25 ml VBP 190 x 190 x 20 mm
(Insert max. Four Mounted
VBI-1D 4 ml (1 dram) (Ф 15 x 17 mm), 16 holes
RBI-50 50 ml VBI-2D 8 ml (2 dram) (Ф 17 x 23 mm), 16 holes
RBP-500 500 ml RBI-100 100 ml VBI-4D 15 ml (4 dram) (Ф 21 x 30 mm), 9 holes
RBI-250 250 ml VBI-20S 20 ml (Ф 28 x 22 mm), 4 holes
RBP-1000 1000 ml RBI-500 500 ml VBI-30S 30 ml (Ф 28 x 32 mm), 4 holes
RBP-2000 2000 ml RBI-1000 1000 ml VBI-40S 40 ml (Ф 28 x 42 mm), 4 holes