FDML – 450L volume

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A BIO Growth chamber is a climatic chamber specifically designed for plants, seeds and small living organisms such as insects and bacteria.

Unlike standard climatic chambers, it allows to control, in addition to temperature and humidity, also lighting.

Light and temperature control has always been associated with growth.

Among the various reasons why a growth chamber is a primary tool for scientific research, there is certainly reproducibility. This means being able to perform an experiment, in order to confirm or deny its outcome. This possibility is allowed by the uniformity of the parameters during the test and by the absence of unforeseen circumstances that would be common in a real environmental situation. In fact, a BIO Growth chamber reproduces natural conditions without unpredictability, with lighting, temperature and homogeneous humidity, according to different test requirements.

Its features make the growth chamber an essential tool for agricultural and chemical research, and generally for scientific purposes.

A plant growth chamber is in fact used for plant diseases research, thus it contributes to the R&D of more resistant food crops and seeds.

An insect growth chamber incubator for insects recreates the natural habitat of an living organism, in order to study its behavior and characteristics.

Based on the type of light intensity, hence on the specific area of application, there are four different types of FDML BIO growth chambers:

  • Daylamp – which reproduces full spectrum sunlight
  • Biolamp – selected spectrum, specific for insect growth
  • Fluolamp – towards the yellow area of the spectrum, specific for plants
  • Arablamp- for Arabidopsis, a particular type of plants

FDML BIO Growth chambers lighting is enabled thanks to fluorescent lamps that optimize the photobiological processes of plants and organisms, by emphasizing the lamps in the blue and red range.

The FDML lamps can be Neon, Led or UV rays lamps: these latter are very common in the requirements of laboratories and research institutes.

  • - agricultural research
  • - chemical research
  • - scientific purposes
  • - plant diseases research
  • - food industry
  • - living organisms research
Technical specifications

External Dimensions
Width x Depth x Height (mm) : 750 x 860 x 2100

Internal Dimensions
Width x Depth x Height (mm) : 600 x 570 x 1340

Shelf Dimensions
Width x Depth (mm) : 530 x 550

  • Exterior material: White coated galvanized steel or AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Internal material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Shelf grill: Removable and height adjustable steel grid
  • Temperature range: (-10)°C - (+55)°C
  • Humidity range: - Light OFF: 10%rH - 90%rH - Light ON: 10%rH - 80%rH
  • Fan: Forced ventilation
  • Water tank: Included for all Humidity models
  • Alarm: Audio-visual, High/Low temperature and humidity
  • Temperature: Class 2 independent adjustable temperature safety devices (DIN 12880)
  • Insulation: CFC and HCFC free

*Our chambers can be customized according to your requirements. If you did not find the correct size, no problem, contact our sales team to get an individual offer.*

Humidity option:

Lighting position:
Vertical lighting / Side lighting

Lighting type:
Daylamp / Biolamp / Fluolamp / Arablamp

No. of shelves:

Electric power:
220-240V ~ /50 Hz - different power available


revoFACE - Programmable

stillFACE - Constant

Standard FDML - 450L models

Temperature + Humidity models

Lighting type: Daylamp
Humidity Range: 10%rH - 90%rH

Lighting type: Biolamp
Humidity Range: 10%rH - 90%rH

Lighting type: Fluolamp
Humidity Range: 10%rH - 90%rH

Lighting type: Arablamp
Humidity Range: 10%rH - 90%rH

Temperature only models

Lighting type: Daylamp
Humidity Range: Unavailable

Lighting type: Biolamp
Humidity Range: Unavailable

Lighting type: Fluolamp
Humidity Range: Unavailable

Lighting type: Arablamp
Humidity Range: Unavailable