FDMC – 370L volume

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Climatic chambers are high-tech laboratory instruments that test the reaction of different product specimens to specific environmental conditions, like temperature and humidity.

Such parameters, amongst others, when required, are artificially reproduced by the equipment.

The climatic chamber is an extremely important laboratory tool and above all because the various tests to be carried out are regulated by different standards, established by official research bodies.

For FDMC climatic chamber you can select different temperature, humidity and volume parameters.

You can also choose between a cyclic or a constant climatic chamber: the cyclic climate chamber was developed for programming different test cycles with different temperatures during the same test. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber was developed for operators who require a stable test environment for their products during the whole process.


For some categories, which require more strict and accurate parameters and also the reproduction of more “extreme” tests, we mostly refer to an environmental chamber.

  • -cosmetic and pharmaceutical
  • -food
  • -textile
  • -military/aerospace
  • -electronic components
  • -automotive
  • -construction and building materials
Technical specifications

External Dimensions
Width x Depth x Height (mm) : 600 x 868 x 1920

Internal Dimensions
Width x Depth x Height (mm) : 500 x 580 x 1257

Shelf Dimensions
Width x Depth (mm) : 460 x 570

  • Exterior material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Internal material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Shelf grill: Removable and height adjustable steel grid
  • Sound-pressure level [dB(A)]: <60
  • Temperature Range: (0)°C - (55)°C
  • Humidity Range: 10%rH - 98%rH
  • Fan: Forced ventilation
  • Water tank: Included
  • Alarm: Audio-visual, High/Low temperature and humidity
  • Temperature: Class 2 independent adjustable temperature safety devices (DIN 12880)
  • Insulation: CFC and HCFC free

*Our chambers can be customized according to your requirements. If you did not find the correct size, no problem, contact our sales team to get an individual offer.*

No. of shelves:

Double tempered glass door for a complete visibility

Electric power:
220-240V ~ /50 Hz - different power available


revoFACE - Programmable

stillFACE - Constant

Standard FDMC - 370L models

Programmable Controller:

FDMC-370-TH-PRO (0/55)
Temperature Range: (0)°C - (+55)°C
Controller: revoFACE

Constant Controller:

FDMC-370-TH (0/55)
Temperature Range: (0)°C - (+55)°C
Controller: stillFACE