DN Series – Inert Gas High Temperature Oven

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DN411IE / DN611IE

Laboratory Oven is essential for general heating routines from drying food samples to curing microchips.  Lab Oven is one of the fundamental instruments every laboratory should have.

DN Series is an Inert Gas Oven suitable for temperature test and heat treatment in a non-oxidizing environment, by introducing N₂ gas into the chamber.

Heat resistance test and heat treatment of up to 360°C.
Simple operation by interactive key input.
Standard equipped with various operation modes such as program operation and calibration offset function, power failure recovery mode selection, and user configuration information saving.
Repeatable operation function up to maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns controller with repeat function.
N₂ gas flow amount controllable.

Safety features:

Enhanced safety countermeasure, including self-diagnostic functions,  digital  setting,  independent  overheat  prevention device and electric leakage breaker.

In case of door opening during operation, fan and heater turn OFF by door switch.

  • - Pharmaceutical Industry
  • - Microbiological Culture Research
  • - Cell Culture Research
  • - Industrial Products
Technical specifications
Forced Convection
Operating temperature range
Room Temp. +15 to 360°C
Temperature adjustment accuracy
±0.2°C (at 360°C)
Temp. fluctuation
±0.6°C (at 360°C)
Temp. uniformity
±3°C (at 360°C)
Temp. gradient
12°C (at 360°C)
20°C(at 360°C)
Nitrogen substitution time required
~30 min. (ordinary temp with oxygen concentration of 2%)
~70 min. (ordinary temp with oxygen concentration of 2%)
Max. temp. reaching time
~60 min.
Cold rolled steel plate with baked-on melamine resin finish
SUS Pipe Heater 3.0kW
SUS Pipe Heater 4.0kW
Heater circuit control
Triac zero-cross control
Heat insulation material
Glass wool + Ceramic fiber
K thermocouple for temperature control and independent overload prevention device
Fan type / Motor
Sirocco Fan / Condenser Type
Flow meter, Gas carrier
Max. Flow 30L/min, O.D. 9mm Hose Nipple
Temperature control
PID control with micrpprocessor
Temperature setting
Digital setting by ▲/▼ key
Temperature display
Temp. display: Digital display by 4 digit green LED (resolution:1°C) Setting temp. display: Digital display by 5 digit orange LED (resolution:1°C)
Timer / timer resolution
1min. ~ 99hrs. 59mins. or 100hrs. ~ 999hrs. / 1min. or 1hr.
Operation function
Fixed temp. operation, Auto-start, Auto-stop, Quick auto-stop, Program Operation
Program mode
Repeatable operation function up to max 99 steps or 99 patterns.
Additional functions
Power on and operation time integrating function (up to 65535 hours), calendar time (24 hours), calibration offset, Monitor display of integrated power consumption, total CO₂ emissions and heater operating output, power failure recovery mode, save and read out of user settings
Safety device
Self diagnostic functions (Sensor failure, SSR short circuit, Heater line disconnection, Main Relay contact damaged, Automatic overheat prevention), Key lock function, Independent overheating prevention, Electric leakage breaker, Door switch
Internal dimensions WxDxH
470 x 450 x 450 mm
620 x 600 x 600 mm
External dimensions WxDxH
640 x 695 x 915 mm
790 x 845 x 1065 mm
Internal capacity
Shelf load capacity
~13 kg/pc.
Shelf rest step number / pitch
12 steps / 30 mm
17 steps / 30 mm
Power supply (50/60 Hz)
13.5A (no plug, round terminal)
19A (no plug, round terminal)
Shelfs / brackets
Steinless steel metal shelf plate 2 pcs. / 4 pcs.