Chambers automatic with SO2

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Damp heat chambers for corrosion tests in constant and alternating humidity suitable for performing Kestrenich tests with addition of SO2 gas.

AUTOMATIC damp heat chamber for condensation tests with high humidity in Constant (CH) and Alternating (AHT, AT) atmospheres to simulate rain and dew by condensing water directly on the samples (high humidity 95% – 100% in saturated atmosphere). Suitable for carrying out tests with the addition of SO2 gas (Kesternich). Also available without SO2 gas unit option. The test chamber has an internal capacity of 300 liters and is built completely in plastic material (PP). Completely automatic execution of cycle. Phase with gas saturated atmosphere: loading of water dosage and SO2 gas every 8 hours at 40°C, unloading of chamber. Ambient phase: 16 hours of chamber ventilation with compressed air. The cycle is repeated constantly. Supplied with 4 bars specimen and 2 panel rack holders. Shipped completely wired and assembled.

Control panel


1. Test cycle timer

2. Start push button

3. Reset push button

4. Chamber temperature regulator

5. Alarm

6. Selection key for choosing the functioning mode

7. Manual dosing system operating

8. Push button to perform manual dosing system

9. Pilot lamps

10. Main and safety switch