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The 95 – 135 litre toploading autoclave range offers increased chamber sizes compared to the ‘Compact’ units, as well as featuring advanced options not available on smaller sized autoclaves, including Heated Jackets, Integral Steam Generators, Simple/Advanced Vacuum and Cooling options.
These options enable a top loading sterilizer to be tailored to the needs of the customer by speeding up cooling, dealing with liquids, porous-type loads and allowing a wider range of items to be efficiently processed.

  • - 316 stainless steel electropolished chamber
  • - A choice of 33, 43 and 63 litre models
  • - Base shelf within the chamber
  • - Calibration and Validation available
  • - FDA 21 CFR part 11 software option available
  • - Cooling Lock
  • - Fast action door closure mechanism
  • - Five password levels to stop lower level users making changes
  • - Five pre-programmed cycles and up to 50 available
  • - Holdwarm / Delayed Start feature
  • - No mains water supply or drain necessary
  • - Optimised for low water and power consumption
  • - Over Temperature Protection
  • - Pressure Gauge
  • - Self contained design with no installation required - just fill it with water and plug it in and the machine is ready to be used
  • - Standard Astell safety features
  • - Temperature range of 100°C to 138°C (0.2 - 2.4 Bar)
  • - Timed/Pulsed Free Steaming
  • - Fully programmable 5.7" Colour Touch Screen controller
  • - USB interface for downloading controller data
  • - Validation Port
Additional options
  • Load Sensed Process Timing
  • Pulsar Freesteaming
  • Integral data printer
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 controller software
  • Remote maintenance/diagnosis
  • Ethernet interface
  • IQ/OQ documentation
  • Assisted air cooling
  • Advanced water cooling
  • Autodrain (heaters in chamber models only)
  • Autofill (heaters in chamber models only)
  • Air ballast (requires compressed air)
  • Drain Cooling (heaters in chamber model only)
  • Category III (BSL-3) compliance
  • Stainless steel basket (D:400 x H:220mm)
  • Stainless steel basket (D:400 x H:400mm)
  • Morrison discard container (D:390 x H:355mm)
  • Morrison discard container (D:390 x H:500mm)
  • Water softener (compact)
  • Load support plate
  • Direct Steam model
  • Blow down vessel
  • Air compressor
  • Lifting hoist
Installation requirements

Power requirements:
The power requirements for the standard machines are listed in the Specifications table, however these can vary depending on the options selected. Options that affect the power requirement are Integral Steam Generator and Advanced and Simple Vacuum.
For details on the exact power requirements on these options please contact us. N.B. A Neutral line and protective Earth are required for all electrically heated units.

Water and drainage requirements:
A cold water supply of 2-6 Bar minimum, 4 litres/min is required for the ‘Autofill’, vacuum and water cooling options. Max temperature 25°C, Max flow rate 20 litres/min. Requirements vary for RO/de-ionised/hard water. Drainage: Free venting, non-manifolded drain (35mm diameter) capable of withstanding temperatures up to 100°C.