Aging Test System – Multiple Temperature Zone

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C4-006 is a Multiple temperature zone Aging Test System.

Usage: Parts power-on enviromental test.

Combine with customer’s parts to form an integrated test system

Multiple temperature zone control

Easy operation, available for fixed temperature, program, quick auto stop, auto stop and auto start operations.

Safety features:

Self-diagnostic circuit (abnormal temperature sensing, heater disconnection, auto overheat prevention, SSR short circuit), overheat, protector, ELB to prevent overcurrent, key lock, etc..

  • - Parts power-on enviromental test
Technical specifications
Forced convection circulation
Operating temperature range
Room temp. 10~100°C
Temperature adjustment accuracy
±1.0°C (at 100°C)
Temperature distribution accuracy
±2.5°C (at 100°C)
Operation function
Fixed temp., program, auto stop and auto start operations
Additional function
Deviation correction, key lock, power outage compensation
Internal dimension (WxDxH) - single chamber
710 mm x 460 mm x 140 mm
Power source
Single phase AC220V