N-Wissen GmbH COVID19 Response and Action

N-Wissen GmbH COVID-19 Response and Action

As COVID 19 continues to spread, we are closely monitoring the ever-changing developments of this pandemic. We are abiding by all regulations and following all guidelines that apply to our business. We have implemented several steps as guided by those agencies and authorities leading the effort to mitigate the impact of the Corona Virus.

N-Wissen GmbH takes into account the current state of the coronavirus infection, puts the highest priority on the health and safety of our valued customers, business partners, employees and their families, and implements the following measures together with conventional measures:

  • Wearing masks during work and commuting.
  • Adjusting workplaces to allow for more person to person     distance
  • Restricting all business travel
  • Eliminating personal meetings and using video conferencing as a     first choice
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Applying increased cleaning standards at our facilities

We do encourage our business partners to call for hand washing, wearing masks, disinfection of common places, and cough etiquette.

These actions ensure that our employees are taking necessary precautions to safeguard personal safety, while allowing us to continue to serve our customers. We are working hard to continue the supply of product and to be able to provide accurate information for our customers.

We appreciate your patience as we, and the global community, navigate this evolving situation.           

Our thoughts are with those directly affected by the virus and we wish to express our sincerest gratitude to those who find themselves on the frontline of the national efforts to combat the virus.