Fully automatic density meter

Fully automatic density meter with multiple sample changer for up to 30 samples!

N-Wissen GmbH is proud to present the world’s most accurate and fastest automatic density meters DA series (DA-650/-645/-640) from our partner Kyoto Manufacturing Electronics (KEM, Japan).


Features and advantages:

1. The world’s most accurate and fastest density meters  (measurement in less then 20 seconds with accuracy of ±2×10-5 g/cm3  (0.00002 g/cm3)

2. Fully automatic measurement of 30 samples in 20mL vial (with optional Multiple Sample Changer)

3. State-of-the-art performance with one touch (quick and easy operation with 5.7-inch touchscreen)

4. Viscosity correction for high-viscosity samples

5. Density and temperature automatic correction

6. Small sample volume required (minimum 1.0 ml)

7. Saves up to 100 different methods in built-in memory

8. Density and temperature automatic correction

9. No air bubble, no contamination during measurement due to a new flat type joint

10. Multiple applications (crude oil, petrochemical  products, biofuels, chemical products, beverages and alcoholic drinks,  food and fat/oil, pharmaceuticals and fragrance, electronic parts and   semiconductors)

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